6 Maintenance Tips for Your Range Hood

People often overlook the ductless range hood because it does not require much attention. However, just like any other tool, it also requires proper maintenance! Without taking necessary measures to ensure its functionality and safety, these ductless range hoods can be quite risky. Below are six tips on how to maintain your range hood:

  1. Cleaning

Regular cleaning is important for this equipment as it ensures optimal function and safety. If you do not clean your ranger hood for months or years, then gunk formation will occur that clogs the filter of your unit, which makes it hard or impossible to suck in air into the machine’s chamber. This invariably leads to explosion risk due to excess buildup inside the machine’s chamber (especially if you use oil). Cleaning the unit is also important if you notice that the ranger hood does not seem to be performing its duty properly. You can choose to clean it using a dishwasher, vinegar solution, or steam cleaner. Aside from cleaning the machine’s chamber and filter, you should also regularly check all other removable parts such as filters and lights for dirt buildup. If your unit has a light bulb, just like any electrical appliance, ensure that it is unplugged before cleaning.

 2. Exhaust Hose Maintenance

Aside from regular cleaning of a range hood’s internal components, you should also perform the inspection on its exhaust hose to make sure it does not have any holes or leakages caused by rusting nails or other sharp objects which could tear the hose. It is also important that you check for holes, especially when the range hood is placed near a gardening area where stones and soil are often used in creating stone walls. When there’s a hole in the exhaust hose, dirt will get inside, which can cause your unit’s motor to malfunction.

  1. Air filter Replacement

A locked-in odor and grease build up can damage or reduce the functionality of an electric range hood (although some ductless models do not use this component) over time; thus, it is crucial that the air filter be replaced on a regular basis, depending on how often you use your unit. Most owners usually replace their filters at least every three months to ensure that all impurities such as dust and bacteria are removed and to maximize the lifespan of their appliances. When buying a replacement filter, you should ensure that it fits your unit perfectly by checking its size and dimensions. You can also choose to check with your manufacturer or distributor if they offer filters specially designed for your range hood model.

  1. Light bulb Replacement

Similar to replacing the air filter, many owners make it a habit to regularly change light bulbs due to frequent use of their units. This is because light bulbs tend to become dimmer over time when exposed frequently in high-temperature environments such as kitchens with open flames or stoves which produce excess heat. Make sure that the replacement bulb’s wattage matches that of your ranger hood’s existing bulb. Otherwise, it will affect performance and may cause an electrical issue.

  1. Using Appropriate Pan Size

If you have a ductless range hood, then the pan you are using should be of appropriate size so that it does not get stuck on your unit’s motor since this can result in malfunctioning and damage to the machine. If you do not have any frying pan at home which fits your ranger hood or if you have more than one variety of pans at home, then you should buy an appropriately sized pan to use with your range hood.

  1. Proper Usage and Maintenance Schedule

Aside from regular cleaning and inspecting your ranger hood for defects, it is important that you also follow its recommended usage and maintenance schedule as stated in the user manual provided by the manufacturer or distributor to ensure optimal performance and safety. For example, if your ranger hood has a maximum allowable smoke density beyond which the unit will turn off automatically to prevent combustion, then you should ensure that it remains below that threshold or your ranger hood may not function properly.


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